Photographic Restoration



Do you have a cherished old photograph which needs attention, or do you have lots of old slides and cine film sitting in a cupboard with no way for you to view them?  Well at Southsea Gallery we can help.


Photo Restoration

We can professionally scan from the original photo, colour or black and white negative or slide.  We can then print and or restore the image based on what is needed.  We charge £1.50 for the first scan in a batch and then £1 for any subsequent photos scanned.  If the image needs restoration, we charge £4 per 15 minutes.  Most images don't require a lot of attention, however we will inform you before starting how much work is likely to be involved.

Once your image has been restored we can print, mount and frame if required. (please see the relevant sections on the website for details of pricing).

Please note if you have a large number of slides they can be done at a bulk price which can be as low 40p per slide.  This doesn't apply to negatives as this is a more labour intensive process.