Digital Printing Service

We offer a comprehensive Digital Printing Service from 6x4" prints to A1+.  We have industry standard Epson Professional Giclee printers which ensure superb results guaranteed not to fade. In addition, we stock a comprehensive range of papers for both Photographic and Fine Art Prints from companies such as Epson, Fotospeed, Innova and Olmec.

We are consistently cheaper than Printspace, Photobox and most other giclee printing services both locally and online.

How to Get Your Image to Us?

Image files need to be 300dpi (High Resolution) and can be brought into the gallery on USB Stick or CD.  Alternatively, you can email them to the gallery with instructions to If you only have a physical photo we can scan it and then print (Please note this will be subject to a £1.50 scanning charge)

Please note that instagram images and some phone images may not be of the quality to print very large - we will advise you on maximum sizes.

Prices include minor tweeking of images to maximise colour, sharpness etc but does not include any restoration costs or special effects such as HDR etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot print images from the web due to size and copyright issues.

Photographic Prices - You can choose from Epson Premium Gloss 250gsm (high shine), Epson Premium Lustre 260gsm (slight sheen), Metallic 250gsm (up to A3+ only) or

6x4" £1.50                           5x7" £2.00

6x8" £2.50                           7x9" £3.00

10x8"/A4 £5.00                   10x12" £6.00

11x14" £8.00                        300x400 or A3 £10.00

400x500 £14.00                    A2 £16.00

500x600 £20.00                     500x700 £25.00

600x800/A1 £30

Fine Art Prices - You can choose from Fotospeed Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315gsm 100% Cotton, Innova Soft Textured White 315gsm (soft cream), Olmec Premium Matte 230gsm.

6x4" £2                                   5x7" £2.50

6x8" £3                                    7x9" £3.50

10x8"/A4 £6.00                        10x12" £7.00

11x14" £10.00                           300x400 or A3 £12.00

400x500 £16.00                       A2     £20

500x600 £22.00                       500x700 £28.00

600x800/A1 £35.00